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the file has matlab source code to detect motion and track multiple moving objects. Replace "sample.avi" in the source code with your video file in matlab script and run...

background subtraction with lbp

This m-file implements the mixture of Gaussians algorithm for background subtraction by using local binary patterns. first, the binary patterns of the first frame of video frame is computed. second, we calculate the histograms models of lbp in circular regions of different radius around ea...

Modified FFT

Helps in evaluating FFT. The thesis helps in improving the development and performnce of applications...

histogram-based interest point detectors

Run 'demo1.m' to test the histogram-based interest point detectors ('hist_corner.m'). The test images and 'display_features.m' are downloaded from

Intra mode selsction of H.264

This program is used to implement mode decision criteria for Video compression standard H.264. It is using total 9 Modes like horizotal, vertical, plane mode, DC mode and diagonal mode. Among 9 modes 4 modes are important . It will give optimization for fast search algorithms and useful for motion c...

matlab code

they are nice books and codes for learning digital communication and networking for wireless sensor networking...

jpeg compressin

jpeg compressin program wich allow to chose starting parametrs for users such us: img DCT block size.number nonzero coef. ,'trshold for nonzero coef....


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