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Tsai classic to shadow edge retention

SPACE: nowrap">A comparative study on shadow compensation of color aerial images in invariant color models2006 Tsai 经典的阴影去除方法 颜色空间转变(HSI);阴影初分割;形状(边缘)保留;阴影补偿,完成最终阴影分割。亲测,自己一笔一笔...

Locating radar simulation program

Is written in MATLAB locate a radar simulation program with gui interface is very good, friendly interface, it is suitable for everyone used to learn, especially want to learn programming in MATLAB gui people....

panoramic image stitching in Matlab

serif;color:#3C3C3C;line-height:17.0400009155273px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">This code shows how to automatically create a panorama using feature based image registration techniques.Feature detection and matching are powerful techniques used in many computer vision applications s...

Vehicle "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB

space:nowrap;">Vehicle "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB vehicles "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB vehicles "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB vehicles "highway vehicle shadow" video removed the shadow of MATLAB V...

Color Deconvolution for image processing, image thresholding, Circle fit algorithm

Performs color deconvolution on histopathological images and then threshold it using ostus method. Finally identifies boundaries......

Enhanced particle filter multi-target tracking

Tracking non rigid objects with different number of two main issues.Firstly, the distribution of observation model and target may beThe degree of nonlinearity and non Gauss. Second, a large number ofdifferent number of objects exist to...

Bag of words model based on sift features

1. training of image training in Word table. Extraction of sift points on each image, then all images from the acquired 128-dimensional clustering sift points, number of categories is the number of words, cluster Center is the word, and Word tables will be preserved. 2. for each new image, fir...

IRIS identification code


dwt based image watermarking

space:nowrap;">% HIGH-CAPACITY WAVELET BASED WATERMARKING %  % Unzip all file in Matlab current directory and type "test_main"  % on Matlab command window. %  % In order to obtain the source code please visit % % % % Luigi Rosa...

ASM for face recognition

top:1.12em;margin-bottom:1.12em;padding:0px;font-family:Tahoma, Helvetica, SimSun, sans-serif, Hei;font-size:14px;line-height:25px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> Program will complete these two features: 1. first prepared a standard shape do reference, like from papers in fo...

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