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3-dimensional reconstruction of MATLAB programs

MATLAB based on 2 view 3-dimensional reconstruction of the complete program, Pro-testing is available, including points, matching, reconstruction. Using 2 different angles of the images, was reconstructed in three dimensions....

Minimum spanning tree segmentation based on graph model

Application backgroundImage segmentation is a key step in image processing. It can provide effective information for image retrieval and image analysis, which makes it possible to process a higher level of image processing. The common image segmentation method is divided into three categories based...

Reversible Watermarking based on difference program

The program uses matlab2008a Development, mainly because of matlab In terms of image processing advantages, simpler operation, also in order to become familiar with matlab To use. The program uses the classic lena Image as a target and achieve embedding the watermark, and restore the image....


  Advancement of data communication making security and confidentiality of the information to be very important. Confidential information is vulnerable to be stolen by unauthorized person. Data security can be done by applying cryptography and steganography techniques. Cryptography is the s...

Moving target detection

Obtained by iteration method for image binarization thresholds, although iterative method in the process of calculating, a time-consuming process, but the thresholds obtained more accurate. Adaptive background update method is used, access to the binary image of the vehicle, and vehicles are rectang...

Fingerprint Recognition Matlab Code

This program contains Matlab code for fingerprint recognition. The overall structure includes codes for fingerprint enhancement, orientation and ridge estimation, binary masking, and feature extraction.  The classification process finally classifies the input images to determine whether they be...

Digital image compression coding for JPEG

Application backgroundJPEG compression for standard gray image coding. PSNR values for computational compression ratioKey TechnologyMany coding methods Huffman coding, RLE, DPCM...

Particle filter tracking aircraft

Application backgroundParticle filter technology in the non-linear, non - Gauss system performance of the superiority, it is determined that its application is very wide. In addition, the particle filter is one of the reasons for the application of multi mode processing capability. Internationally,...

sift 文档论文和程序

SIFT,尺度不变特征转换(Scale-invariant feature transform,SIFT),是用于图像处理领域的一种描述子。这种描述具有尺度不变性,可在图像中检测出关键点。是一种局部描述子。...

pca face recognition

Face image feature extraction using PCA method and dimensionality reduction, face the ORL face database data is the University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge of the ORL face database. Can select the number of samples for testing different samples of PCA's recognition rates, suitable for begin...

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