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Efficient DCT-Domain Blind Measurement and Reduction of Blocking Artifacts

Compression standard using DCT block of the image or video stream, blocking is a serious problem and, therefore, can effectively detect and remove blocking artifacts became the focus of attention. Based on this, proposes a DCT-domain blind measuring blockiness and deblocking algorithm, estimation mo...

tracking using kalman filter

use for tracking moving targets example, with detailed documentation..kalman filter is the main function of target tracking, procedures for the use of a Kalman filter to achieve the right track moving targets...

Detection of tampered region in Digital Image

Digital images are easy to manipulate and edit due to availability of powerful image processingand editing software. Nowadays, it is possible to add or remove important features from an imagewithout leaving any obvious traces of tampering. As digital cameras and video cameras replacetheir analog cou...

Horizontal set partition lung contour

Application background This matlab code is used to segment the lung contour.  You can use a lung mask to get the contours of the whole series of lung CT. Key Technology The basic idea of this is from C-V model of Active Contour Model. Literature: Chan T F, Vese L...

Meanshift source code

Mean Shift, we translate as "float Mean Shift  mean the concept was pioneered in 1975 by Fukunaga, who in an essay on probability density estimation of gradient function (The Estimation of the Density Gradient of a Function, with Applications in Pattern Recognition  ) In the proposed...

Dimensionality reduction toolkit

Toolbox includes 34 species of dimensionality reduction techniques, including-Principal Component Analysis (\'PCA\')---principal component analysis-Linear Discriminant Analysis (\'LDA\')---linear discriminant analysis-Multidimensional Scaling (\'MDS\')---a multidimensional scaling analysisThese can...

Iterative closest point program

Registration for three dimensional or two dimensional image, or three dimensional person face recognition, iterative closest point of aim is to derive a rigid body transformation matrix, image expressed as a data point, multiplying an image so that a rigid body transformation matrix can be transform...


GetLaplacian Matlab image operator operations.function A=getLaplacian1(I,consts,epsilon,win_size);if (~exist(\'epsilon\',\'var\'))epsilon=0.0000001;endif (isempty(epsilon))epsilon=0.0000001;endif (~exist(\'win_size\',\'var\'))win_size=1;endif (isempty(win_size))win_size=1;end...

multiple linear principle component analysis for face recognition

Most of traditional feature extraction of images needs to be vectorized, easily lead to dimensionality, this algorithm to calculate the vector can effectively maintain a data structure information, the MPCA here can be seen as extension of the PCA, PCA and 2DPCA can be seen as a special form of the...

Based on gradient, edge and corner information improved AAM facial feature point locating

Code of my graduation thesis, based on gradient, edge and corner AAM algorithm builds the texture models, results show that, when the model is constructed with a variety of ways the texture matching accuracy and speed have improved...

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