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Efficient DCT-Domain Blind Measurement and Reduction of Blocking Artifacts


tracking using kalman filter

use for tracking moving targets example, with detailed documentation..kalman filter is the main function of target tracking, procedures for the use of a Kalman filter to achieve the right track moving targets...

Detection of tampered region in Digital Image

size:16px;">Digital images are easy to manipulate and edit due to availability of powerful image processingand editing software. Nowadays, it is possible to add or remove important features from an imagewithout leaving any obvious traces of tampering. As digital cameras and video cameras replacethei...

Horizontal set partition lung contour

V模型。文学:陈T F,基于L A.没有边缘的活动轮廓模型[J].。图像处理,IEEE,2001,10(2):266-277。...

3D visual matching

This is a programme for 3d matching, NCC, SAO, SSD algorithms are used.  you may find it helper if you are a 3d matching learner...

Image processing

64-bit FFT algorithms written in MATLAB, and DFT algorithm through the MATLAB GUI is integrated into one interface. For image processing, and output the processed image with the original image for comparison....

ice sea imagery

in this calculate the ice imagery part on field using user input numbers values, in which user defined area how much field you have cover the region according to that we used color function value in which if color is orange than it will 1 or less number of ice on any field, similarly for highest wit...

fuzzy logic

The Fuzzy Knowledge Builde transforms continuous variables into other continuous variables. The Fuzzy Decision Maker™ transforms discrete concepts into other discrete concepts. For instance, it uses unconnected goals and constraints with unconnected alternatives to determine the most valuable alte...


Matlab code for object detection, and can run on Windows, code is not original, but in the slightly amended on the basis of others, in the migration to the Windows platform...

Layering gradient orientation histogram


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