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Five kinds of fuzzy image restoration methods are realized by Matlab.

Application backgroundFive kinds of fuzzy image restoration algorithms, including: Wiener filtering algorithm, constrained least squares filtering algorithm, Richardson-Lucy (RL) algorithm, the circular boundary algorithm and the optimal window algorithm.Key TechnologyThe completion of the first gen...

Multiple target tracking

Foreign cow multi object tracking Matlab code, including test data, papers. includes background modeling, object tracking, track Association, forecast...

MATLAB image stitching

Main procedures using the SIFT algorithm for image feature extraction and feature rough, using random sampling algorithm (RANSAC) image mismatch, and finally the image fusion....

Deep learning image classification codes

A deep learning model deep-net which is self-encoding SEA and classifier, is used for image classification; SEA may be used to represent the input data may be the most important factor, plus classifier softmax classification can be achieved; in the image classification better than other models...

FCM, FCM_S, GFCM, KFCM, KGFCM source code and examples

Application backgroundResource contains fuzzy C mean algorithm (FCM) and its improved algorithm FCM_S, GFCM, KFCM, matlab KGFCM original function and sample program, can be used for image segmentation and other classification problems...

MATLAB fingerprint identification

Using MATLAB to realize the fingerprint   handles the input fingerprint images,-finger recognising bmp format image in MATLAB...

Tsai classic to shadow edge retention

A comparative study on shadow compensation of color aerial images in invariant color models 2006 Tsai classical shadow removal methods   Color space transformation (HSI); Shadow early segmentation; Shape (edge) reserved; Shading compensation, to complete the final shadow segmentation.  Pro...

Locating radar simulation program

Is written in MATLAB locate a radar simulation program with gui interface is very good, friendly interface, it is suitable for everyone used to learn, especially want to learn programming in MATLAB gui people....

Achieving super-resolution image sequence reconstruction in Matlab

The code is to achieve the registration and reconstruction process of image sequence by MATLAB, with GUI interface, can easily choose the registration algorithm and the super resolution reconstruction algorithm. The code included KEREN, MACEL registration algorithm and so on, also contains common re...

Zhengyou Zhang calibration procedure (with detailed comments)

Zhang you are calibrating method for some time now, grasp your understanding written on the inside, we hope beginners can look at...

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