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Voice conversion system based on GMM models

Voice conversion based on GMM models, spectral envelope modeling by GMM models, men and women, between personalized voice conversion...

Matlab code for digital voice processing and MATLAB simulation

Matlab code for   digital voice processing and simulation of MATLAB   source code download   electronic publishing...

Blind source separation and mixing matrix estimation

Underdetermined blind source separation problem, the first step is mixing matrix estimation, mixing matrix estimation accuracy has great influence, will directly affect the second step. So it is one of the hot issues, this program is a study of three-dimensional case mixing matrix estimation of spee...

Principle and code realization of IIR filters

Contains principles explained in detail of the IIR filter, including the complete realization of MATLAB code...

qmf filter bank

image:none;">Hao wave 濾 zu . Advises high-pass and low-pass Hao often reduce the letter twice, give 臨 community education model in the two channels of the original hao said. Guan Zhuan Userboxes/Time sequence of relationship DVD ordering bias because the volume is online 濾 積, the...


left:0.0pt;text-indent:0.0pt;text-align:justify;">               数字信号处理实验     用MatLab对语音信号进行频谱分析及滤波器设...

G726 complete Matlab code


Pitch detection using auto correlation

height:1.5;">I wrote a link of original. I  executed the source. It works great....


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