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Matlab exercises and practice

This is a matlab university practice, which contains a lot of application and practice of the basic knowledge of the MATLAB signal processing, I think there is reference value, especially for the read signal processing (Communication Engineering) students have some help, entry MATLAB, easy to unders...

Compute the pollution-noise sine signal using Wavelet transform

family:宋体;">文件功能:计算染噪正弦信号的小波变换,其中的连续小波变换,尺度a的值越大,相当于傅里叶变换中w值越小。用到了产生均值为0,方差为1的高斯随机序列,白噪声序列     ...

Music, music synthesizer, 12-law

law 1. piano chord of g we commonly used chord G7. no chords g. why? 2. in music theory chord G7 5724 composed tone 2-tone only 574 omitted and why? (Five-seven chords can save five tone and acoustic) In 12 equal temperament mid frequency G4=392.00Hz B4=493.89Hz D4=293.66Hz F4=...

Harma Syllable Segmentation

裂片入单独存储在一个 WAV 文件中的信号音节。也有图的谱图和音节的信号用红色显示信号的哪些部分包含音节高亮显示。...

speaker recognition

speaker recognition based on mfcc and dtw .this technique is used to find the different voices .then we can easily find the exact voice from this operation....


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