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LEACH multi-hop protocols MATLAB code, comment more, simple and understandable

hop protocols, in LEACH protocol based on modifications to achieve, for the cluster head node cannot directly communicate with the base station environment. Among cluster heads by way multihop relay transmission, eventually to serve base stations. Communication protocols implemented by MATLAB, code...

GPS signal generation、capturing and tracking source code in Matlab


cognitive radio system using spectrum duration sensing for power allocation


LTE-FDD Femtocell Downlink Simulator

The link path loss includes distance dependent path loss, shadow fading, fast fading and antenna gain. The simulation considers fast channel variation in both frequency and time domain. In each RB, the channel (link between TX and RX antenna) is assumed to be a complex white Gaussian random variable...

Evaluation of Frequency Reuse Schemes for LTE Network

indent:21pt;font-family:'';font-size:14px;line-height:1.5;">这个模拟器可以被用来衡量和情节网络容量性能和信号干扰比 (SIR) 性能的 LTE 网络与整数频率复用方案与重用因子 1 (IFR-1)。与重用因子 1 的频率复用方法意味着可用的频率资源...

LTE system level simulation

interchange-newline" />Key TechnologyThe main file of the LTE Link Level Simulator is LTE_sim_main.m, though you may normally run the simulation through a batch file such as LTE_sim_launcher.m, which performs the following tasks: • Loading a configuration file of choice. See Section III for...

LTE 3GPP channel modeling using matlab

spaced time % samples, then in the tap domain, to match the delays of the PDP to % the sample instants of the simulation. This second interpolation complies % with the description in TR 25.869...

Space-Time Codes and MIMO Systems and source code

This folder contains a PDF version of the book, as well as some of the source code from the book. These source code contained in the book's second chapter, chapter chapters fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and Nineth chapter some of the source code. Simulation based on the source co...

OFDM channel estimation procedures

size:14px;">OFDM channel estimation source code, and pilot insertion, signals, LS,LMMS! Series-parallel transformation, QPSK tune, add training signal, analog, channel sinks...


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