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LDPC pexit graph analysis

Protograph analysis of decoding threshold value, the traditional EXIT can not be used, so using the pexit diagram, is the most important tool for the analysis ofprotograph. This paper proposes a new external information transfer analys...

An Integrated Linear Programming Receiver for LDPC Coded MIMO-OFDM Signals

space:nowrap;line-height:1.5;background-color:#FFFFFF;">这项研究工作联合检测和解码的 MIMO OFDM 信号。要么利用传统接收机不相交的串行探测器和解码器或需要涡轮增压的 消息检测的两个功能块之间传递和解码。我们提出一种新的方法...

Stochastic decoding of LDPC codes constructed processes


interference improvement for cognitive radio power allocation system

cognitive radio power allocation system in secondary transmitter energy harvesting method. reduced interference for secondary transmitter without collision affected in primary transmitter....

Simulation of OFDM-based systems, channel coding Convolutional codes and Viterbi decoding

transform:none="" text-indent:0px="" letter-spacing:normal="" word-spacing:0px="" float:none="" display:inline="" important="" white-space:normal="" -webkit-text-stroke-width:0px="">基于OFDM技术,仿真了整个通信流程。包括卷积码编码,删除打孔方式的选择,BPSK调制,16...

ofdm matlab code


DF,AF MATLAB simulation program

R-D三个节点,接收端使用MRC(最大比合并)。固定DF由于SR信道的错误,其性能受到限制,在大SNR情况下不能获得有效分集。而当SR距离足够近的时候,可能获得一定的分集增益。     该程序也可以作为学习Matlab 通信仿...

MOG background subtraction

family:'sans serif', tahoma, verdana, helvetica;line-height:1.5;">目标跟踪的应用程序。...

A DS/FH hybrid spread spectrum communication system simulation

This program is a mix of direct-sequence spread spectrum and frequency-hopping spread spectrum communication system simulation, using a spread spectrum code m of the linear feedback shift register sequences, hopping and jumping point to 4....

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