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LDPC pexit graph analysis

Protograph analysis of decoding threshold value, the traditional EXIT can not be used, so using the pexit diagram, is the most important tool for the analysis ofprotograph. This paper proposes a new external information transfer analys...

An Integrated Linear Programming Receiver for LDPC Coded MIMO-OFDM Signals

This work investigates the joint detection and decoding of MIMO-OFDM signals. Traditional receivers either utilize disjoint serial detector and decoder or require turbo message passing between the two functional blocks of detection and decoding. We present a novel approac...

Stochastic decoding of LDPC codes constructed processes

LDPC encoded BPSK modulation, AWGN channel, decoding, you can simulate bit-error rate curves...

interference improvement for cognitive radio power allocation system

cognitive radio power allocation system in secondary transmitter energy harvesting method. reduced interference for secondary transmitter without collision affected in primary transmitter....

A good marine channel model simulation

A good marine channel model of simulation, the MATLAB simulation of signal in the oceans through the channel for transmission to simulate, with better results....

Simulation of OFDM-based systems, channel coding Convolutional codes and Viterbi decoding

Based on OFDM technology, simulates the entire communication process. Include convolutional encoding, remove punch mode selection, BPSK modulation and 16QAM modulation, interwoven, Interwoven solutions, demodulation, Viterbi decoding techniques detailed simulation source codes. Programming style is...

ofdm matlab code

OFDM CODE for with modulation and demodulation using 4-qam . orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technique code , in full working condition . the channel used is either AWGN channel . BER(bit-error rate) vs SNR(signal to noise ratio) , Graph is plotted . ...

spectrum approach, in a number of Acoustic Channel Drive and non-multi-path acou

Underwater spread spectrum system, the system uses direct sequence spread-spectrum approach, in a number of Acoustic Channel Drive and non-multi-path acoustic channel for the study of comparative...

DF,AF MATLAB simulation program

The program is using the Matlab simulation of cooperative communications DF (decode-and-forward) functions, and basic model S-R-D three nodes, the receiver using the MRC (maximal ratio combining). Fix DF because the SR channel error, its performance is limited, cannot be an effective diversity for S...

MOG background subtraction

This is very useful matlab code for Mixture Of Gaussians background subtraction for  target tracking applications....

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