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anfis code

anfis code for ground water prediction in the indian sub continent. the results are good and can be used for testing...

mobile ad hoc network for VANET

size: 18.0180187225342px;">我在MATLAB中实现方案4首先就近选择以下节点发送应答。第二,分面积段基于进展分割。第三非均匀分割。第四广播4个不同的系统。程序集# 1:这个函数生成的图半泊松分布程序集# 2:此函数计算最佳...

GPS-INS Integration using ANFIS network

this code helps students to understand the integration GPS/INS using ANFIS ANFIS is stands for Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) is a kind of neural network that is based on Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy inference system  ...


a mimo matlab simulation of ZF,MMSE. It uses BPSK as modulation. it shows the BEW comparison among different equalizers used for MIMO....

discrete wavelet transform Watermarking

This code give detail and very precise implemetation of dicrete wavelet transmform using haar transform.....

FPGA Receiver in HDL projects Implementation of USB

height:26px;white-space:normal;"> HDL项目中FPGA 接收机的 USB实现 主要想法是开发一个接收器应用程序适用于所有的应用程序。此接收器是使用 VHDL USB2.0 来实现的。 我们将通过将它下载到 FPGA 测试这台接收器。 通用串...

Learning Vector quantisation

top:0.4em;margin-bottom:0.5em;line-height:19.19791603088379px;font-family:sans-serif;font-size:12.666666984558105px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> LVQ 可以被理解为一个特殊情况的人工神经网络,更确切地说,它适用Hebbian 学习赢家通吃-基于方法。...

Robust and imperceptible image watermarking based on FWT for insertion and extraction a binary watermark in matlab

space:nowrap;">这是鲁棒性和不可察觉的图像水印算法基于 FWT 的插入和提取二值水印在 matlab 中的源代码...

GA code for community detection

GA code for community detection.this code will solve community detection in large network areasit will useful in social network and other network...

Pv module model

A pv module is modeled in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment with use of mathematical equations that describe pv module's schematic model. This model has 2 inputs named Vpv and insolation;and has 2 outputs named Ipv and Ppv. Insolation signal is varying....


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