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SVM-matlab process fault diagnosis fault diagnosis SVM-matlab program...


EEG analysis algorithm overview, including complexity, such as Lyapunov exponent...


TXT file to read GPS data in the Kalman filter procedure, very helpful for beginners...

ex5_1 I

ex5_1 I-type linear phase FIR filter ex5_2 II-type linear phase FIR filter ex5_3 III-type linear phase FIR filter ex5_4 IV-type linear phase FIR filter rectangular window frequency response ex5_5 Hilbert ex5_6 converter design- Hanning window low-pass filter design ex5_7- Hamming window...

ex6_1 ~ ex6_3 binomial distribution of the generated random data ex6_4 ~ ex6_6...

ex6_1 ~ ex6_3 binomial distribution of the generated random data ex6_4 ~ ex6_6 generic function value of the probability density function ex6_7 ~ ex6_20 common distribution density function ex6_21 ~ ex6_33 figure characteristics of random variables periodogram function ex6_34 used to calcula...


This procedure for the PSPICE simulation based on MATLAB is very useful for beginners to use...

voice handle voice processing ~ ~ ~ voice processing voice

voice handle voice processing ~ ~ ~ voice processing voice-processing voice processing...


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