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LNSLUA script source code

Application backgroundLUA LNS source code, as many as hundreds of LUA script, based on the LNs engine. Including the change password, pet exchange, catch the pig, change the name, delegate, leasing, sweepstakes, automated PK, siege, field boss, attendance, devil, watching, query task. The transmissi...

Spacecraft optimal control theory, as well as optimal guidance law


Lua JZ source code

side compile time to join, Lua, support.Contain LNs interface, and can complete end of additional at compile various scripts.Make the server more competitive....

Very literati

Mainly on the ENC28J60 driver, SOPC_BUILED, establishing in the FPGA to SPI interface, the program easy to transplant, the structure is clear, hard to see, very easy to use, is an integral on the acoustic technicians; almost touch oh damn afraid doleful expression links...

solving TSP using PSO

solving tsp problem using pso algorithm, the tsp problem is man that want to visit many cities only once starting from location and ending with this location so that he must gain the minimum cost of the tour...

send to satellite

RPM 引擎-RPM 螺旋桨-运行小时的柴油发电机组...

Fractal demonstration

shell的lua语言编写的分形演示程序,很有意思哟。 GSL-shell是可以替代MATLAB的科学计算软件,速度很快。...


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