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Lua JZ source code

Application backgroundApplication of the stone age to the end of the compilation, Lua technology support. With LNs interface, can add a variety of scripts at the end of the compiler. Make the server more competitive.Key TechnologyApplied to the stone age server-side compile time to join, Lua, suppor...

Very literati

Mainly on the ENC28J60 driver, SOPC_BUILED, establishing in the FPGA to SPI interface, the program easy to transplant, the structure is clear, hard to see, very easy to use, is an integral on the acoustic technicians; almost touch oh damn afraid doleful expression links...

solving TSP using PSO

solving tsp problem using pso algorithm, the tsp problem is man that want to visit many cities only once starting from location and ending with this location so that he must gain the minimum cost of the tour...

send to satellite

This is source code for send data to satellite server. Data was sent periodically in 30 minutes.Data consists of :- RPM engine- RPM propeller- running hour of genset...

Script source code

Application backgroundIn order not to mislead you, but also please see clearly and then make a decision!!Key Technology      version included:...

Source release error

Application backgroundThis page is released, please delete the administrator to help delete do not publishKey Technology      version included:...

Fractal demonstration

Application backgroundUsing Lua language of the GSL-shell fractal demonstration program, very interesting yo.GSL-shell is an alternative to MATLAB's scientific computing software, fast....


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