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image stitching by siftmatch

image stitching program for aerial phot taken by the unmanned aerial vehicle. The parameters correction is included to stitch image fast.This program is my graduation design....

IEEE 802.11a/g/n

redirect">802.11 n然后顶 20 MHz 每流率增加到 72.2 Mbit/s 数据率 13.5 和 150 Mbit/s 使用 40 MHz 通道之间的选择。使用四种不同的调制方案: BPSK, QPSK,16-QAM和 64 QAM,一套的纠错率 (1/2-5/6)。众多的选择允许系统适应当前信号条件的优化数...

DSP applet


Doing Business With Paypal.pdf

[YES] Can be packaged with other products [YES] Can be offered as a bonus [YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it [YES] Can be added to an e-course or autoresponder [YES] Can be added to membership sites [YES] Can sell Resale Rights [YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights [NO] Can...



The CSS layer style

For static Web pages for new friends, it is a good choice. It describes some of the most basic and practical knowledge. Good for novice upgrade...

Microcomputer principle experiment of Assembly language programming _ the complete program code

space:nowrap;">实验八  可编程并行I/O接口8255A芯片实验。1、了解8255A芯片的结构和功能。2、掌握8255A初始化程序的设计方法。3、学会8255A和CPU信号的连接方法。...


this is program for automatic checked urls list. alhorithm based of md5. use fast realisation this alhorithm (with include asm)...

But it's Sar Sar Fafandesavandersava.

Application background范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨范德萨Key Technology反倒是的...


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