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A WINCE operating system USB driver source code

The driver S3C6410 is USB driven   according to the      driver to write your own driver...

Akka examples

Akka cluster use case, for example, providing transfer services text. When the text to the frontend node, it delegated backend nodes, backend to perform conversion tasks, the results back to the original client. New backend and frontend nodes, you can dynamically increase or decrease in the...

Evaluation criteria for search engines

Application backgroundThe code to achieve several evaluation criteria search engines, including DCG@K, P@K, NDCG@K, RR@K, ERR@K these five categories of evaluation criteria, this code is mainly based on the RankLib evaluation criteria code to show the shape of Scala, compared with the RankLib evalua...

Shift mean image tracking

Application background  first of all, it is a branch of mathematical statistics, which is a branch of mathematical statistics. The parameter density estimation method requires that the feature space is subject to a known probability density function, and it is very difficult to achieve this con...


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