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The API assistant partner

size: 14px; line-height: 22px;"> partner, is easy language to develop a good helper, there are a lot of programming is commonly used materials....

Desert module

space:nowrap;">大漠纯英文版模块.E 免责声明 一.        本软件完全出于个人兴趣爱好,由本人在业余时间开发,是一款安全,绿色,可靠的软件产品. 二.        利用本软件所做出...

Tian long BA BU 3 base address Finder

space:nowrap;">天龙八部3基址搜索器                                                                         &nbs...

Tian long BA BU hangs the answer source code


Erlang B Formula

Here is a source code for implementation of Erlang B formula. It is used in Matlab environment. It includes three functions which can be used to calculate Traffic, Channel and probability. It supports more than 500 channels as input....


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