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The API assistant partner

The API assistant partner, is easy language to develop a good helper, there are a lot of programming is commonly used materials....

Proxy server written in Erlang

The browser's proxy server ip into the lower end of the current slogan for 1500, running to change the code, request a web page on the browser will be able to see the command line has an output Erlang. .How it works: the browser will request to port 1500 through a proxy server, proxy server parsed t...

Tian long BA BU automatically daguai hook scripts

[Character]Character site =6DB8BCLevel offset =68Secondary migration =1B4Three-level offset =4Name =30Class =60State =1B8Current blood =99CTotal =A08Blue is currently =9A0Total =A0CExperience the current =9A4Attention current =9B8Total energy =9BCCoordinate X=48Coordinate Y=50Today's kill total =C34...

Erlang B Formula

Here is a source code for implementation of Erlang B formula. It is used in Matlab environment. It includes three functions which can be used to calculate Traffic, Channel and probability. It supports more than 500 channels as input....

Beast of blood boiling GM tools

The software source code for the e language, as the language bar is not available in the language, it is replaced by similar, if administrators see trouble in. This piece of software for online games developed a GM animal blood boiling tool, connect to the database as Mysql, including role change, p...


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