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JavaFX to complete a simple Lianliankan

A simple use of JavaFX into the Lianliankan game, create graphics with canvas to complete, you can according to their own preferences for more drawing.In addition, in the game provides timing function is simple, eliminate the module to obtain the time functions and multiple level set.A beginner's re...

javafx media player(latest java technology)

it is a simple media player project which are designed by me(NIKHLESH JOSHI) in my minor is a simple project in new technology of java which is known as javafx.currentely it is supporting only two files, for audio (.mp3 ) and for video(.mp4) files .so it is a good media player ....


Attendance Management System1Project ReportOn“Attendance Management System”International School of Informatics and ManagementSector-12,Mahaveer Marg, Mansarover, JaipurSubmitted By: Guided By1. Saurabh Kumar Jain Mr. Vijay Gupta2. Uma Joshi Assistant Professor, 3. Bhupesh Kumar Sharma IIIM, Jaip...


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