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Check function on identity cards, organization code and business license number

Application backgroundPartial code PreviewGOANSI_NULLS ON SETGOQUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON SETGOFUNCTION [ro].[wj_ValidateZZJGNo] ALTER(Varchar @ZZJGNo (20)BIT RETURNSASBEGIN@c varchar @zz (20), int @z, int DECLARE, INT @i, VARCHAR @jaz (30), VARCHAR @C9 (10)@ZZJGNo SET = UPPER (@ZZJGNo)...

Access to stored procedures in the data set

Access to data sets stored procedure, TSQL using skills, data gets stored procedure sets, saved in the SQL, to prepare for the next SQL, Access to stored procedures in the data set, a point not the code, the pure SQL SQL operations...

UML modeling Student communication information management systems

Information management systems can provide adequate means of information and quick inquiry are an indispensable part of today's information-sharing. Student information management system is intended to facilitate communication links between classmates after graduation, haven't linked to quickly and...

123 TSQL functions for professional, academic or learning purposes

This is a collection of 123 TSQL functions for professional, academic or learning purposes.There are many conversions hexadecimal/octal/binary/Roman numerals, mathematical functions such as hyperbolic, logic and trigonometric. Combinatorial functions such as combinations, permutations (factoria...

Example of Transact-SQL

This is a simple example of the using of Transact-SQL. It will show how to create and manilupalate databases....

Using Markdown for Effective Logging

Translated by  maninwest@Codeforge  Author:Stuart Wheelwright @ CodeprojectAn introduction to MarkdownLog - an open source .NET library designed to produce Markdown formatted log filesProducing Markdown-formatted Test ResultsI develop a free shopping list app for iOS. There are many other...

SQL database dictionary generator green version

Application backgroundSQL database dictionary generator green version, to generate a beautiful database template, easy and simple!!...


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