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Kxpb framework

PFC What is it? Powerbuilder Foundation Class PFC 就是 Sybase The precast concrete company for us (that is, extended objects), we can use, which has a new function, in our development effort....

Example of Transact-SQL

This is a simple example of the using of Transact-SQL. It will show how to create and manilupalate databases....

Using T-SQL to write a stored procedure

Application backgroundIntroduce the basic usage of T-SQL stored procedure, for beginners learning to use. A stored procedure is a set of Transact-SQL statements precompiled, as a unit of storage on the server and executed on the server. The stored procedure can take input, output parameters, return...

Application of the cursor in the autonomous development of online sentence test system

Application backgroundJudge Online (referred to as OJ) generally refers to the international students in the program design contest and other forms of programming contest to evaluate the correctness and efficiency of the program and the program is based on the network environment. Discusses the appl...

SQL database dictionary generator green version

Application backgroundSQL database dictionary generator green version, to generate a beautiful database template, easy and simple!!...


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