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Engine Liquid Computing, burning, to facilitate changes to open-source...

Seis88, the synthetic seismogram

Includes calculation of ray tracing, ray tracing drawings, theoretical calculations, theoretical picture diagram to the study of seismic forward modeling help...

LBM calculation of three dimensional square cavity flow

dimensional cavity flow using the lattice Boltzmann method, which uses discrete velocity model 3DQ19 model in the 19 direction of the velocity dispersion, after comparison with the literature shows that this method can get better simulation results....

Classic microwave scattering model MIMICS


Anisotropic forward modeling, boundary CPML

family:arial;font-size:13px;line-height:18.2000007629395px;background-color:#FFFFFF;">采用FDTD(Finite Difference Time Domain)数值模拟方法及CPML(Convolutional Perfect Matched Layer),边界吸收效果是目前单一吸收边界中最佳的。MPI编译。...

abaqus 二次开发子程序之塑性大变形代码

UMAT for plane strain and axial symmetry for elastic, linear strain hardening plastic behaviour using explicit integration with continuum Jacobian, using ABAQUS stress and strain quantities. Suitable for large deformations...

Viscoelastic medium wave-field simulation

Describe the characteristics of wave propagation in visco-elastic medium, program, output wave field snapshot, seismic wave characteristics of some basis for comparison. Hope has some help for beginners. I hope you can accept. This is hard work. And hope that you can see with the heart, acceptance,...

Heat exchanger simpler code

height:1.5;">带翼梢小翼 ; 圆柱通道流的目的就是为了计算热量和速度 ; 这种算法将允许您更好地理解如何更简单的算法工作和远景 cfd 应用一个良好实践。...

Pikaia v1.2 genetic algorithm Fortran programs

United States Colorado weather research center of genetic algorithms 1.2 versions of Fortran programs, complete with detailed documentation and examples, easily ported to user's own program....

Two dimensional anisotropic elastic wave seismic wave propagation simulation, PML and Collino mixed boundary

dimensional anisotropic elastic wave seismic wave propagation simulation, using the numerical simulation method and the PML (perfect matched layer) and mixed Collino boundary finite difference time domain (FDTD), absorbed too is superior to the single absorbing boundary....

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