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Single precision complex FFT

space:nowrap;">单精度复型fft,适用于任意长度数据~ ...

Dynamic finite element program LS-DYNA user-defined material-3D isotropic linear elastic materials

space:nowrap;">动力有限元程序ls-dyna 3d 的用户自定义材料——各向同性线弹性材料,相当于材料模型1#   体元、壳元与梁元...

Kalman filter for micro-seismic denoising

SPACE: pre">!!!!!!!卡尔曼的子程序!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    infile 代表输入文件名  !!!!!!    outfile 代表输出文件名     !!!!!!    itrace   总道数            !!!!!!    isample  处理的...

Wavelet transform

family:arial, 宋体, sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:24px;text-indent:28px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">与Fourier变换相比,小波变换是空间(时间)和频率的局部变换,因而能有效地从信号中提取信息。通过伸缩和平移等运算功能可对...

3D Tetrahedral Grid Generation

Tetrahedral grid in a unit cube is generated and written in the UGRID format. Learn how the hexahedron can be divided into six tetrahedra. Mdify the code to divide the hexahedron into five tetrahedra....

SPH meshless smooth particle source code

Lattice Boltzmann method is a new method of modeling and simulation of fluid systems developed in the last ten years of the world, its ideas and conventional fluid simulation method is completely different, and many do not have the conventional method has advantages. This code uses Lattice Boltzmann...

Plot3d mesh file format converts unformatted

Pneumatic connection, many pneumatic plot3d Solver using a format file, this program can transform plot3d mesh file format as unformatted...

FORTRAN language simulation of river drainage simulation code based on temperature, the main water conservancy field contains the code file


According to ellipsoidal geodetic coordinate seeking normal gravity

Application backgroundIn the measurement of the physical force, the gravity anomaly is calculated, and the gravity of the calculated points and the normal gravity of the measuring points are needed. When normal gravity is calculated, it is required to calculate the geodetic coordinates, i.e., longit...

Fortran common algorithm program set - Second Edition

Application backgroundIt is very useful for the computation of science and engineering, and it can hardly cover all aspects of science and engineering computation.Key TechnologyThe algorithm contains a lot of aspects, for the scientific and application aspects of the teacher, students and even engag...

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