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Subroutine for strength analysis of fiber-reinforced composites by the VDI guideline 2014 part 3 for ABAQUS

This subroutine is used for strength analysis of fiber-reinforced composites with the help of the finite element solver ABAQUS / Standard. The calculation is used for three-dimensional stress states according to the VDI guideline 2014 , part 3. The input variables are the basic strengths , Slope...

Seis88, the synthetic seismogram

Includes calculation of ray tracing, ray tracing drawings, theoretical calculations, theoretical picture diagram to the study of seismic forward modeling help...

Classic microwave scattering model MIMICS

Founded by Fawwaz t. ulaby microwave scattering model, mainly used for calculation of electromagnetic wave in vegetated areas, tall vegetation covered area, the vegetation into the Crown, tree trunks and ground into three parts to calculate electromagnetic scattering, is the greatest classics: the m...

abaqus 二次开发子程序之塑性大变形代码

UMAT for plane strain and axial symmetry for elastic, linear strain hardening plastic behaviour using explicit integration with continuum Jacobian, using ABAQUS stress and strain quantities. Suitable for large deformations...

Heat exchanger simpler code

An application on simpler algorithm (patankar) on to 2d HEAT EXCHANGER; of a flow in cylindrical channel with a winglet ; the purpose  is to calculat heat and velocity ; this algorithm will allow you to better understand how simpler algorithm work and givs a good practice for cfd appl...

LBM calculation of three dimensional square cavity flow

Calculate the three-dimensional cavity flow using the lattice Boltzmann method, which uses discrete velocity model 3DQ19 model in the 19 direction of the velocity dispersion, after comparison with the literature shows that this method can get better simulation results....

Stream function wave theory solver for arbitrary order and water depth

Stream function wave theory solver for arbitrary order and water depth. It is very useful for those who are studying wave dynamics. Reference: 1. Dalrymple, R.A., "A Finite Amplitude Wave on Linear Shear Current, Journal of Geophysical Research, 79, 4498-4504, 1974." 2. Dean, R.G., "Stre...

HEAT_MPI is a FORTRAN90 program which solves the 1D Time Dependent Heat Equation...

HEAT_MPI is a FORTRAN90 program which solves the 1D Time Dependent Heat Equation using MPI...

Unsteady two-dimensional n-s equations

For two-dimensional unsteady n-s equations to solve, which coupled the pressure correction equations, simpler coupling for coupled method of flow field and pressure field, which gives the other flow field calculation code, its n-s equations and discrete!...

Optimization methods commonly used assemblies

Consisted of one dimensional optimization algorithms such as: 0.618 method, fraction method, the quadratic differential technique, cubic interpolation method source code Also includes solving UN-constrained optimization part of the Conjugate gradient method, DFP variable metric method (derivat...

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