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2D multi-block Euler/NS CFD code

This is a 2D Euler/NS CFD code, several numerical schemes are included, such as AUSM, HLLE, NND and WENO etc. In order to cope with complex computational domain, multi-block grid is adopted. Explicit and implicit time marching method are included either. Two turbulence models are coded, namely algrb...

Two dimensional Finite Volume Solver for Nonlinear shallow water equations

The code is to solve the shadow water equation using 2 D, Unstructured grid, Finite Volume method. A case is included. It is a rare and valuable source code....

Progressive damage analysis of composite materials program

Injury criteria a variety of composite materials, degradation in use today are based on direct injury, use the ABAQUS program USDFLD to achieve the gradual failure of composite....

IAPWS-IF95 properties of water programs

This is the physical properties of water program, hoping to help people. About calculation of physical properties of water are available through Fortran calls. Remember to use the CVF version of Fortran...

Subroutine for strength analysis of fiber-reinforced composites by the VDI guideline 2014 part 3 for ABAQUS

This subroutine is used for strength analysis of fiber-reinforced composites with the help of the finite element solver ABAQUS / Standard. The calculation is used for three-dimensional stress states according to the VDI guideline 2014 , part 3. The input variables are the basic strengths , Slope...

Soil cambridge constitutive-model with strain-softening

A umat code for the ABAQUS program. It makes the soil cambridge constitutive model more powerful! It could solve some soil strain softening problems. ...

Peng Guolun clear version of Fortran 95 programming with a bookmark

Himself a clear bookmarked eBook version, unlike the versions circulating on the Internet about the book: this book focuses on the Fortran 95 programming methods, including numerical, computer graphics, Windows programming, with Visual links to C/Visual Basic/Delphi, or even the game coding....

SWAT model source code

Application backgroundSWAT open source, for the further development of the hydrological model of open source, the source model can be modified to increase the module and reduce the module, and further development, so that the model is more suitable for the study area, can also be re assembled to dev...

The PC version of GRWAVE requires an IBM PC/AT or equivalent (80286 microproce...

The PC version of GRWAVE requires an IBM PC/AT or equivalent (80286 microprocessor) with a math co-processor and a minimum of 256 kilobytes of memory. Disk Contents: GRWAVE is supplied on a 3.5" or 5.25" disk which contains three main files. These are GRWAVE.EXE, GRWAVE.FOR...

Unsteady two-dimensional n-s equations

For two-dimensional unsteady n-s equations to solve, which coupled the pressure correction equations, simpler coupling for coupled method of flow field and pressure field, which gives the other flow field calculation code, its n-s equations and discrete!...


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