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Fast Fourier transform

Fast Fourier transform of FORTRAN program, reverse the data first, then the data of the reverse Fourier transform...

Finite-difference viscoelastic medium

This procedure describes the process of propagation of elastic wave propagation in visco-elastic medium, program detail, for beginners help, for those who have a basic, this program also has a lot of help and hope that you can go to see him fully. This program describes the various cases of wave pro...

fortran90 procedures, the use of Runge

fortran90 procedures, the use of Runge-Kutta method for numerical solution of ordinary differential equations of the process, is very applicable, including source code, a numerical example and output procedures...


This procedure is a fortran prepared using two-dimensional cavity of the numerical study of convective...


Pressure and velocity coupling algorithm, an improved version. More reliable results...

1 describes a variety of mainstream algorithms computational electromagnetics bo...

1 describes a variety of mainstream algorithms computational electromagnetics book, and gives examples using programs written in FORTRAN...

t检验的fortran程序 看是否对大家有帮助

t test to see if the fortran program helpful to all of us...

The forward, for starters is playing in helping

Synthesis of Green's functions, calculating seismic records, using reflection coefficient method for synthetic seismograms using convolution function...

Square cavity flow program

Equations of incompressible NS computing square cavity flow using projection method for calculation, finite difference method, flow using third order upwind, diffusion Center differential...

US population projections Fortran

Renmin university of China bachelor of physics computational physics homework, procedure, the teacher gave, upload their homework, hope to be of help. Thank you very much!...

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