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Engine Liquid Computing, burning, to facilitate changes to open-source...

Fast Fourier transform

Fast Fourier transform of FORTRAN program, reverse the data first, then the data of the reverse Fourier transform...

Two dimensional anisotropic elastic wave seismic wave propagation simulation, PML and Collino mixed boundary

Two-dimensional anisotropic elastic wave seismic wave propagation simulation, using the numerical simulation method and the PML (perfect matched layer) and mixed Collino boundary finite difference time domain (FDTD), absorbed too is superior to the single absorbing boundary....

Finite-difference viscoelastic medium

This procedure describes the process of propagation of elastic wave propagation in visco-elastic medium, program detail, for beginners help, for those who have a basic, this program also has a lot of help and hope that you can go to see him fully. This program describes the various cases of wave pro...

Viscoelastic medium wave-field simulation

Describe the characteristics of wave propagation in visco-elastic medium, program, output wave field snapshot, seismic wave characteristics of some basis for comparison. Hope has some help for beginners. I hope you can accept. This is hard work. And hope that you can see with the heart, acceptance,...

Three standard b-splines

module spline!----------------------------------------module coment! Version : V1.0! Coded by : syz! Date :!-----------------------------------------------------! Description: the first class standard b-splines module!!-----------------------------------------------------! Parameters :! 1.! 2.!-----...

Computational Fluid Dynamics Godnuv solving one dimensional Riemann problem for Euler equations

By Godnuv format for solving the Riemann problem for one dimensional Euler equations. Adjust accuracy can be used in the application, the time step. Grids can be set or something. Very suitable for beginners reference for computational fluid dynamics ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ want praise Ah ... ......

Three dimensional finite element meshing

Three-dimension finite element mesh automatic generation source code program, the more powerful and can be used for finite element mesh...

Gravity and magnetic field extrapolation in frequency domain Fortran programs

Gravity and magnetic frequency domain field continuation Fortran program, which is our senior compiled procedures require routine, we look at it, geophysical exploration, in addition to the spatial domain as well as frequency domain, but mainly to extend the frequency domain extension....

Two development damage code

Application backgroundFor two times the development of constitutive model of ABAQUS damage, there is a need to download...

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