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Fast Fourier transform

Fast Fourier transform of FORTRAN program, reverse the data first, then the data of the reverse Fourier transform...

Finite-difference viscoelastic medium

This procedure describes the process of propagation of elastic wave propagation in visco-elastic medium, program detail, for beginners help, for those who have a basic, this program also has a lot of help and hope that you can go to see him fully. This program describes the various cases of wave pro...

fortran90 procedures, the use of Runge

Kutta法数值求解常微分方程的程序,非常适用,包括源代码、一个算例和输出程序-fortran90 procedures, the use of Runge-Kutta method for numerical solution of ordinary differential equations of the process, is very applicable, including source code, a numerical example and...

Differential evolution genetic algorithm

! This code includes a Differential Evolution algorithm for Optimal Control Problems!  The Fortran 90 program translates from the original MATLAB !  version of differential evolution (DE). This FORTRAN 90 code !  has been tested on Compaq Visual Fortran v6.1. ...

Kinematic Hardening fortran code

this code is for kinematic hardening of isotropic materials like metals in plane stress state. you can use the more refined kinematic hardening model, so using Fortran to write a subroutine to implement their constitutive relations....


Peter Stephen leaf lattice boltzmann method flow go with the expansion of new research methods...

Plane frame finite element program, consideration could be given support nodes a...

Plane frame finite element program, consideration could be given support nodes and displacement...

A code which employs the SIMPLE

Stokes equations using Finite Volume method, Cartesian grid, and a colocated arrangement of variables....

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