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Three-level SVPWM

T-type three-level SVPWM algorithm of SVPWM algorithm is divided into six sectors, each sector is divided into six sectors. This method is mainly applied in PV inverter, reactive power compensation, such as SVG,APF....


This is a Hilbert transform of the package, a total of five procedures which can be used in ordinary Hilbert Transform...

skid steer robot

A mathematical model of a 4-wheel skid-steering mobile robot is presented in a systematic way. The robot is considered as a subsystem consisting of kinematic, dynamic and drive levels.  Next, a designing process of a kinematic controller based on the algorithm introduced by (Dixon et al., 200...

Program for solving the steady one

Program for solving the steady one-dimensional convection/diffusion equation....

Engineering algorithm check of buckling stress

Engineering Meng Pihang check of buckling stress transfer algorithm program structure optimization of grid stiffened structure machine program, as well as guide interface support...

Temperature field in ANSYS

Numerical simulation of temperature field in ANSYS, is his creation, there may be many flaws, hope everyone can give their views. You submit your code after verifying that you can get credit for only content useful, describing the details of the source code in order to pass the audit. Please fill in...

Reading MODIS files

VC language to read the medium resolution spectral imager, radiometric calibration after treatment, get real or apparent reflectance radiance values then for geometric correction per pixel for the true geographic coordinates, used after the clipping mask and the extraction of information, using adva...


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