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Composite damage

the umat is used to analysis the composite in 2D, which based on ABAQUS. Fibre metal laminates are increasingly used as skin material in modern aircraft design. FMLs consist of aluminium sheets covering the front and the back and, between them, alternating fibre layers of unidirectional glass f...

example of Fortran2003 features

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">type extension and inheritance, polymorphism, dynamic type allocation, and type-bound procedures...

Fortran program called 10 random numbers

size:14px;">Program output 10 a random number between 1 to 10 on each result will be different, because it is random. Here an instance function returns an array of method, the main program used in the interface used to illustrate the functions of the interface. Use interface includes argument types...

Plot3d mesh file format converts unformatted

Pneumatic connection, many pneumatic plot3d Solver using a format file, this program can transform plot3d mesh file format as unformatted...


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