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Seis88, the synthetic seismogram

Includes calculation of ray tracing, ray tracing drawings, theoretical calculations, theoretical picture diagram to the study of seismic forward modeling help...

CFD Programming

size:16px;">这段代码是 CFD 编程,在此文件中,还有 AUSM,净资产收益率,范媚眼,通量分裂代码,如果您运行这些文件,您可以轻松地做你的分析。ThanksAl...

The forward, for starters is playing in helping

Synthesis of Green's functions, calculating seismic records, using reflection coefficient method for synthetic seismograms using convolution function...

Ocean model POM code

Application background计算流体动力学代码,计算三维潮波,潮流,公认的权威计算流体力学代码,使用方便,性能效率非常高。...

airfoil grid generation

This code generates structure grid around any type of airfoil. you should give the airfoil points(100 point.txt is an example which have attached) as input then its make the can set the aspect ratio to have fine mesh and also change the radius of domain. the elliptic subroutine solves ellip...

Takeoff Perfromance Code

height:1.5;">equations of motion parametrically, whereas this program solves through a time-step integration technique. The methodlology was also modified to calculate Balanced Field Length (BFL) for preliminary design purposes. Balanced field length is often, as here, defined as the dista...

Conversions between coordinate systems

This is a conversion between the coordinate system, and contains three types of coordinate systems of the swap, including geodetic coordinates and rectangular coordinates and latitude/longitude coordinates. (Non-original, transfers from other sites)....

Unsteady flow in open channel



size:14px;">该程序分析2维矩阵,矩阵中的土木工程专业课程分析在大学课程。 ...

ADI scheme for 2 dimensional heat conduction

Application backgroundIt is the adi program in fortran for 2 dimensional heat transfer in the conduction methodKey TechnologyFortran is one of the best coding software for this kind of real time based simulations which is used here for 2 Dimensional Conduction heat transfer....


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