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Library Management System

space:nowrap;">PHP 国王的图书馆管理系统 前端 PHP 后端 MySQL 添加、 编辑删除用户 借书 加入 归还的书...

Inventory management


online registration information system

allows students to register at the university easily over the internet....

Reservation Hotel

family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">免费下载项目在线预订系统在 Php 中与我的 Sql.hear 在线酒店预订系统项目与完整的源代码。酒店管理系统项目用于维护每一位客户的信息。每一...

Think warehouse management system

Think warehouse management system based on php and mysql is a warehouse management system. Contains the following modules:Home statistics, warehousing registration, warehousing queries, registered warehouse, a warehouse query, inventory statistics, personal settings, user management, notification ma...

PHP version of the online store and have a commentary

family:Simsun;line-height:16.2px;font-size:14px;background-color:#FFFFFF;">php版的商城,商品管理,购物车,结算功能都已经实现,比较完善的php商城,很不错的参考。 对于PHP初学者很有参考价值。 裡面也有些許簡單註解,可方便使...

电脑设备管理系统 适合于小型企业单位网络管理电脑设备使用...

Computer equipment management system for small business units in the network management of computer equipment to use...

PHP book website

Implement member login shopping cart functionality, the main structure is PHP+JS+CSS+MySQL, realization of pagination display of goods, have plans to introduce. In addition, realized the clearing functions of shopping carts, to label the goods classification....

WifiDog server simple tests

Simple tests the WifiDog server, specific functions to add, including four index files in a folder on the server side, is a visit to the router interface under the auth folder, login interface is to redirectPing is used to detect whether a server's live, portal interface is to redirect...

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