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Five-star international online lottery betting system, source code, absolutely free, there is thought to be altered, used in...

Car Hire Them Wordpress

A car rental theme that lets customers reserve cars directly through your website. It features a custom post type for vehicles and pricing. PayPal and credit card payments can be accepted using the theme....

school management

Manage students class/group wise Add / edit / delete student View profile of students View marksheet of sudent View ID card of student Manage teacher profile Add / edit / delete teacher information Manage parent according to student classwise Create / edit / delete class / group for students...

" Wood network of entrepreneurs," a network program for the study used...

" Wood network of entrepreneurs," a network program for the study used to make money!...


Astonishing e-commerce website templates Code RED ~ ~ seize the time to download!...


Deal-maker system, deal-maker v1.0 system v1.0...


Hide My WP is a WordPress plugin, use this plugin, you can hide your WordPress data, including source code, admin pages, landing pages, etc, will not display information specific to WordPress, such as static files link in a topic inside the WP-content, can be very good to enhance Web site security....

CODE BOOK using php

This is very simple project in php. It is mainly used for generating bill and make payment. Also you can add some item and many more things for more detail.  Just download the code and enjoy....

Micro channel development core configuration file

Application backgroundApplication of the micro channel at the beginning of the basic configuration file required, automatic reply, text and text reply functions areKey TechnologyUsing PHP language, the application interface of micro channel development independently written, in which all kinds of me...

PHP multithreading communication

Application backgroundPHP comes with the multi-threaded function, the treatment effect is not satisfactory. So the Internet has downloaded a special tool to solve the problem of PHPKey TechnologyThreads Synchronization Worker Threads Complete Support for OO ie. - traits Posix, interfaces, inheritanc...

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