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php 购物车功能 使用session 开发,session使用方便,速度快。这原来是一个国外的朋友开发的类,我只是在这基础上增加了应用部分,也可以在此基础上做...

php function using the session to Cart Development, session easy to use, fast. This was a friend abroad to develop the class, I just add in this part of the application can also be done on the basis of more extended, welcome friends to use....

A very good open

A very good open-source project management system source code, we can deploy the test to see how....


Green php server, so that everyone greenamp trial...

Bus Online Booking

This is Bus booking project in php with full specification.It allows you to book bus ticket online and also print the tickets online.If you want you can book more than 1 seats.Hope it will be helpfull for you....

Users admin

This system is developer for managing users use language php, mysql, javascript. The systeme can register a new user, delete, modify, recovered password. ...

Student Management System

City University Student Management System, A full web application to maintain student teachers , courses and attendance and also user can give feedback.Features:- Support for profile based management: Administrator, Teacher and Student - Online teacher and student registration - Allow admi...

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