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school management

Manage students class/group wise Add / edit / delete student View profile of students View marksheet of sudent View ID card of student Manage teacher profile Add / edit / delete teacher information Manage parent according to student classwise Create / edit / delete class / group for students...

use php development of a "entropy" of the program can visit the websit...

use php development of a "entropy" of the program can visit the website for Statistics...

PHP file uploads

PHP upload picture files, in multiple formats to display uploaded correctly, you can preview the picture effects, directly in the browser, enter the Url, you can manipulate.up.phpUp2.php, provide files to either route, can be viewed....

php code for beginners to learn

Write a program in the menu list box, select multiple books, click 'Submit' button to select a value, the output of the user. Beginners can look...

BFS do with php

In this algorithm we use the language php to interpreter the puzzle 8, 8 puzzle is one of the classic problems that is used to test intelligence. Here is how classic 8 puzzle problem looks like In a 3X3 box all the boxes are filled with numbers from 1 to 8, except one box The bla...

GD PHP library class

Application backgroundWatermark: the specified watermark is copied to the target, with transparent effectThumbnails: large size copy pictures to small size imageVerification Code: randomly generated digital Chinese or English...


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