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Begin from the date of the known month PHP

Application backgroundThis function generate start and last date range in known week number Key Technologyuse this function to create mysql query or other for search data in range of date. some function in query only can search week of year not week in specific month. so, this function can help you...

PHP code

Application background que te puedo decir. se te va a llenar de basura todo el sitio solo por colocar este tipo de cosas. mejor cambienlo porque no sitve de nada. solo quitar tiempo Key Technology Necesito bajar el codigo solo para ver si me sirve y lo puedo modificar para hacer algo me...

Sudoku game lazy player in the PHP language

Application background Sample // The application could take longer than normal php execution     // time. So set the execution time limit to 0(unlimited).     set_time_limit(0);          // input sudoku array in the forma...

Implementation and / or operation of Intelligent Computing

Application background This program was developed using PHP programming language. It's simple program and logical from neural network. The AND /OR Operation algorithm just about how to show logical of basic algorithm. When the system is getting value, how the best result of algorithm. The descript...

PHP Administrador

Application background078 9a7 9s879a8s7d897as89d7f89a7 897sd89 a79s7 897 89as7897asd897987df98as7 7 79 a7s9 7 77 as97 8 89 7 89s797 7 89 7 89s7d9 77 97 asd97 97 97 97 a89s7 987 897 7sd 97 897 897 897 7 97 9a789 789 79 7a97 987  789 7 97 d89 7 897 89789 a789  7 789789 df789 789 789 789 789...


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