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八星瓢虫留言本特点:采用PHP+Access数据库实现,体积小,功能大,可以复制到其他任何支持PHP环境的计算机上直接使用。 八星瓢虫留言本功能: 1、...

八星瓢虫留言本特点:采用PHP+Access数据库实现,体积小,功能大,可以复制到其他任何支持PHP环境的计算机上直接使用。 八星瓢虫留言本功能: 1、设置留言是否审核后显示功能 2、秘密留言只有管理员可见功能 3、留言...


phpMyAdmin is a PHP prepared to use, you can control and operation via the Internet MySQL. PhpMyAdmin can be completely through the database operations, such as the establishment, copy/delete data...

sgtiles website creation

space:nowrap;">SG Tiles Parkwas started in December 2011 with an area of 400 sq.ft for distribution of ceramic tiles. By serving the customer’s needs and measuring the potentials of ceramic industry, SG Tiles Park went on an expansion with high velocity - brand wise, showroom wise and logistics wi...

download and upload script

this code is for download and upload script for php in website programming. it is also connected with myQSL database. i use this script and put it in admin folder. it is not for web design, it is php function....


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