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Yii's personal blog

Yii based personal blog, the entry-level code, easy to learn ~ Yii Framework is a component-based, for the development of large-scale, high-performance PHP Web application framework. ... Fast, safe, professional PHP framework Yii is a high-performance for PHP application development framework WEB2.0...

Micro channel public platform for the application development of real source

Application backgroundMicro channel public platform is the operators through public, for micro letter users to provide information and services platform, public platform for the development of the interface is to provide services based, developers in the public website platform to create public numb...

Hospital registration system

Application backgroundHospital reservation registration system is the important reform measures for the patients to carry out medical services, for the convenience of the masses, improve the level of medical services is of great significance.Hospital implementation of reservation service, is conduci...

PHP student achievement management

PHP student achievement management if I talk to my man gave me a brother my brother Wang Riguang...

Hospital Management Program-Source

1. To run the application make sure that the database is created on the same machine as the application is being run.2. The name of the database is Hospital.3. The folder "Create Tables" contains SQL create statments which are to be run in order to create the tables in the database before...

PHP face detection

Application backgroundface detection on web using algorithm.face detection on web using algorithm.face detection on web using algorithm.face detection on web using algorithm.face detection on web using algorithm.face detection on web using algorithm.face detection on web using algorithm.face detecti...

Imitation Lele Mall beauty templates

Application backgroundTwo phones hit the aircraft the holiday Christmas I is a waste received a home is engine teacher is more than a bit of Rolls Royce as little as possible to make contact with the teacher's weight loss record number is teacher's weight loss progressive tax rate, the number of lin...

Bootstrap-based blogging interface

Bootstrap is an open source development tool for the front of the pack Twitter launched. It is by Twitter co-designer Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton developed a CSS / HTML framework.Bootstrap-based interface, interactive, very strong, very suitable for beginners to...


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