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PHP Documentation

This is PHP documention for Programmers who started with open source like php, mysql programming. Also who is more interested in learning php for their freelancing development....

Great graphics counter program PHP 0.2

Pink screen developed by PHP PHP graphical counter summer program is a simple picture counter, in order to visualize how many users visit a website, you need to put a picture at the bottom of the page counter, which is the current page visits, visits the data is saved in txt file, the file can be au...

Institute Information System

This Project titled Institute Information system is a PHP based web app for automating manual systems of an academic institute . Features of this project are:1) Update And Compute Examination Results2) Maintain and edit student records3) Maintain and edit teachers record4) Send notices to...

Library Management System

Here is the library management system for a specific church. Which is useful for easy monitoring of books...

Bus Reservation system

This is a bus reservation system code which can be used to search bus seats inventory and book available tickets...

PHP and SQL for beginners simple website

Application background PHP is a powerful scripting language that fits gracefully into HTML and puts the tools for creating dynamic websites in the hands of the people — even people like me who were too lazy to learn Perl scripting and other complicated backend hoodoo. This tutorial is for...

Wishing Wall PHP source

Application backgroundA simple PHP Wishing Wall source, PHP is relatively simple, and comes with a database module. Specific installation operation and related matters have been prompted in key technologies. Among them, template:Head navigation file modification see nav.phpTail navigation file modif...

WebBase work

Application backgroundFor our September "Community Choice" Project of the Month the community elected PSeInt, a pseudo-code interpreter for Spanish-speaking programming students. PSeInt is a tool to assist students in their first steps in programming. Through a simple and intuitive pseudo-langu...


Application backgroundSuExplorer_PHP_2_0PrefaceProject development process, the site is generally deployed to the remote server, so the file management can not be as easy as the machine operation. File management is usually used to download the FTP to the local, modify, and then upload, or remote lo...


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