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JpGraph PHP generated curve pie chart

Application backgroundPHP; <?** use JpGraph to generate a graphFigure *3d* /Include_once ("lib/jpgraph.php");Include_once ("lib/jpgraph_pie.php");Include_once ("lib/jpgraph_pie3d.php");$data = array (18, 23, 26, 27, 48, 25, 49, 50, 45, 23, 20, 30); / / analog data$month = array ('Beijing', 'Shang...

Electronic photo album module operating instructions

Electronic photo album module instructions 将 01Data Folder db_photo Copies the folder to mysqldata Path can be 。...

Image is watermarked, supports PNG transparent

/* * Feature: PHP picture watermarks (watermark images or text) * Parameter: *$GroundImage background images, add watermark on the image temporarily only supports GIF,JPG,PNG format; *$WaterPos watermark position, with 10 States, 0 for random position; *1 top left, 2 centers...


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