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Simple Registration System

If you want to implemente a registration system in your web pages this code can help you. All your visitors could store their information through this system. ...

Online Slideshow Products

Show your products or publicity in your personal o commercial pages. This code help you to implement this script to improve your business page....

Result Analysis System

As the results are released by certain university, educational organizations performs various analysis on results.this project generates various reports on results.we generate gender wise analysis, subject wise analysis, backlog reportsem wise reports. hence this project is useful to perform result...

Student Identity Module

Nowadays internetplays an important role in student’s daily life. Every student’s wants informationon their fingertips, and now colleges are going to be overcrowded, the accessto basic and needful information is going to be more and more difficult day byday. Being a group of students our team ha...

Patient management system

its has some entities that can help u to divide patient information  and doctor information's and also treatment infou have to use xamp,php,browser......

OA system for computer products office management

GLPI 0.84.5 (Office OA) latest upgraded source code: GLPI development environment: PHP/MySQL, and can provide comprehensive IT resource management interface, you can use it to create a database, comprehensively managing IT computer, monitors, servers, copiers, networking devices, phones, toner...

jobscope for online job seekers

jobscope jobscope for online job seekers 1) PHP 2) mysql database 3)classs...

Courier Services Arrangment System

Courier Services Arrangment System is for recording and tracking of picking up item from customer....

variables dinamicas

este archivo permite la creacion de formularios de forma dinamica, ademas obtener su valor y gurdarlo en una base de datos...

Try Moodle for e learning

Moodle is an opensource free e learning website. Simple download moodle install it... in your htdocs.... & use it in multiple ways...... for accessing as teacher manager, student , hod, & admin,,,...

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