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Student Identity Module

(i) 会期结果(ii) 每日通知(iii) 每天的出勤记录< 跨度 style="font-size:11.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:""> (iv) Syllabusof 本学期等。...

restaurant reservation

pos="0|7" right-pos="0|7" space="" style="font-family:arial;color:#333333;font-size: 14px; line-height: 22px;">你可以预订座位使用这个程序,你可以更新和删除此程序测试其座位非常容易使用,如果你使用这个我肯定它的工作尝试这个系统,谢谢使用...

Voting System

The majority of job portals allow job seekers to sign up for a free account, which allows them to search job openings posted by employers and post their resumes for employers to review. Portals offer resume posting services, allowing job seekers to copy and paste resume information from a word proce...

Cafe and Restoran

基于数据库的咖啡馆。设计建成使用 PHP 的服务器和客户端移动机器人的应用程序。...

Patient Management System


School Management project

size:16px;">学校管理项目是与学生一个完整的组合项目的详细信息,期限测试总分获得,巴士路线、 时间表、 sms 设施。...

Stock management

size:16px;">在谈到库存管理之前,我们必须首先定义股票。在商业中,清单包括:属性:买来 ;制造,或在制造 ;供出售 ;缺陷修复 ;物品 ;原料。存储存储是智能化股票放置,因此您可以轻松找到一个或多个特定的产品。存...

Personal Information System

To Control my information system it is a very smart simple project. You can learn how to add, update, delete and query with php mysql language...  ...

Online Shopping Cart

This source code is online shopping cart. their only a user can choose product and submit information without registration....

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