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Online Shopping Cart

This source code is online shopping cart. their only a user can choose product and submit information without registration....

PHP Project

f there are codes in your description, please use "insert code" buttonto insert codes and select programming language. This will make your source codes beautiful and attractive.f there are codes in your description, please use "insert code" buttonto insert codes and select progra...

Online Gas Agency Management

It is a website for both admin side for customer side. Admin can verify new registered customers, manage count of cylinders by importing them, manage employee in agency, manage all the bookings. Customer can register and after verified from admin can book cylinders. Delivery is done in thr...

Simple chat

this code is for only simple chatting system. Develop this application by PHP and Mysql. There have lots of JSP....

Student Information System

This Student Information System is developed using Php and MySQL. It is my major project in Webpage Development II. I got a grade of 1.25 for this one. Hope this helps! ...

Desease control alert system

it to upload excel worksheet, and the system works on the disease alert system in an area involved. the user logs in and create users in various counties and are allowed to send text message to the souce code to the system for the doctors and users to view the affected to upload excel works...

User name usability check

Application background This source code will check the availability of the username before saving to the users table. This is important so that the user can trigger if the data is already exists. This is using ajax so that it will not refresh the page and display the response if exists or not. Hop...

PHP tofu function

Application background Hi i am bala working in Web development ,i have attached source code for php  insert ,delete,update ,and list records from database. if your using windows 7 ( or) windows 8 just go to which drive you have installed xampp on your computer  once you...

School management system

Application background        school management system, you can manage your school from this code,, thanks Key Technologyyou can update your student, teachers details from this apps, it will be easy your work...

Student online registration and management panel

Application background online student registeration project .. include delete student record ,update ,view and search Key Technology project include ... 1.view records 2.delete records 3.update record snd 4. search a recorde on particular student id...

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