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clinic site

size:16px;">义诊现场维护工作的各项临床活动喜欢病人登记、 预约,医生详细。...

Web election

based Election Software Version: 13102008b * Copyright (c) 2008, BRAD HEAP * All rights reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: *     * Redistributions of s...

Feedback Management System

size:14px;">这个"员工反馈管理系统"开发使用 PHP 语言,雇员可以就有些事反馈他们的意见。...


based reservation system. It's based on HTML5, PHP & MySQL, and it's free and open source.It was originally written to replace the paper-based reservation system used to reserve a washing machine used by many people where I live. Since it has other potential uses, and can be useful to others, I...

Attendence Management System

size:16px;">考勤管理系统利用 php 完全满足系统,它已经制定的目标。该系统已达到一种稳定状态取消了所有的 bug。该系统运行在高水平的效率和所有的老师和与系统相关联的用户了解其优势。该系统解决了这个问题。它被为了解...

ticjet booking

space:normal;">大好预订大好预订大好预订大好订房订票大好大好的预订 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CinRes-电影院预订 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 第一台 Linux Web 服务器...

Read JSON movie file and query movie ratings from TMDb

The php script decodes a JSON file containing movies from the BBC  inpayer and queries fro movie ratings from the TMDb using a TMDb API which is attached .The movies and corresponding ratings are displayed on a web browser. One needs to sign up with the TMDb to get a key...

LZSS a compression algorithm with PHP

space:nowrap;">Lzss 压缩算法压缩 编码算法 地方的编码位置到开头的输入流 ; 为预测先行缓冲区在窗口中查找最长的匹配: P : = 指向的指针,这场比赛 ; L : = 长度的匹配...

Php Projects

Its a php project. it contains more files. this project describes about zealsoft company pvt ltd. though this project we know about that company,contacts details, sponsored companies and business details, project details...

Wordpress theme 2

Wordpress theme 2. Theme for wordpress. Named as twenty thirteen. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....


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