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Parking management system

Application backgroundThe current systems of paid parking lots in cities involves the cars arriving at the parking lot and waiting for their turn to enter the parking lot. The operator at the parking lot manually make note  of the car details and allows the cars inside where the owners park...

Upload class override the CI framework, support for multiple attachments upload

Upload class override the CI framework, Original program only supports one attachment uploads, does not support the upload control array. Has been modified to support multiple attachments upload. Save the file, put it in your libraries folder in the program directory. Calls are as...

Simple PHP file upload source code

1, common components, graphical file upload 2. file naming customization 3. completely open source...

WordPress theme

Twenty Fourteen is the default theme for WordPress in 2014. It's a magazine theme that lets you display your content in a magazine layout. It takes minimal setup, but there are a few ways that you can customize Twenty Fourteen, all from WordPress' Theme Customizer. This short guide will s...


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