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Inventory management


PHP book website

Implement member login shopping cart functionality, the main structure is PHP+JS+CSS+MySQL, realization of pagination display of goods, have plans to introduce. In addition, realized the clearing functions of shopping carts, to label the goods classification....

WifiDog server simple tests

Simple tests the WifiDog server, specific functions to add, including four index files in a folder on the server side, is a visit to the router interface under the auth folder, login interface is to redirectPing is used to detect whether a server's live, portal interface is to redirect...

Hospital management

Free Download Project Online Reservation System in Php with My Sql.hear Online Hotel reservation System Project with complate source code. The project Hotel Management System is used for maintaining the information for each and every customer. Each and every customer has own personal details...



Virtual stock market

oriented programming (OOP), green, open source, free, codes, to standards. D) compatibility Forum style, front and back skin styles are all inherited from Discuz! X2 style. 2, the stock market A) for Forum members to provide a fair competitive platform entertainment; active forum atmosphere,...

PHP ecommerce website

size:16px;">PHP 电子商务网站目的: 本项目的目的是为学生提供现实的车辆,以探讨可能性的基于 Web 的应用程序开发使用 Php 编程环境。被用来做这个项目是为电子商务类型的 web 站点的产品目录。描述: web 站点应由组成的两个...

Chat room PHP

PHP based Web chat source code, can be for you to learn from, in some places is not perfect, and you can modify it....

Own PHP Warcraft websites

wow style pages, ajax no refresh the page landed 2.4.3 style! think it is very good oh !!!!!!...

Chat room in PHP


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