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Student Management System

City University Student Management System, A full web application to maintain student teachers , courses and attendance and also user can give feedback.Features:- Support for profile based management: Administrator, Teacher and Student - Online teacher and student registration - Allow admi...

Demo Project for php

Dmoe project to usefull for php demo aap ...

Student achievement management system

A student information management system very suitable for beginners, although not many pages, but more comprehensive, there are before and after....

Hotel website system Hotelier

Application backgroundHotelier a used to build a fully functional hotel website of open source projects, mainly to provide online booking, e-commerce and other functions. Hotel website system pre grouping web pages, news articles, pictures, display, online booking, recruitment and function module pr...

With the PHP system

Application backgroundPHP to achieve a simple ritual system.Including registration and login; new wedding, add friends, invite friends to dinner, invited with money.The display mode is on the list, and with Bill analysis, do not mess with....

Web chat

PHP write can be used for the site's open source code for customer service, can be useful as a module to your system. Inside a rich look....

informant system

nice project to students or school administrators coz both caan have very clean information  about the student it can register a new student,modifiy student information it can drop student when  they are away...........................................!!...

Loutskiy CMS 6 Lucid Lynx

Its CMS for your site.  Meet the new CMS from Loutskiy WebTechnologies called Loutskiy CMS 6 Lucid Lynx and has the build version 6. The new system has laid down a brand new core, which will be used in other new CMS from Loutskiy. Also, the developers have paid great attention to API func...

Object to do things rather than code to work

Not because ZF does not know the application results in slower projects or confusing, but. Thought is the most important. for example, using after ZF and discovered many methods can achieve the same purpose, but definitely has its differences between the different methods, in particular, ZF project...

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