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中国象棋online web版的线上棋牌游戏。 能建房间,更改玩家名称,在游戏中发送即时消息等。 本次更新:修正了一些错误;增加观察者模...

Online web version of Chinese chess board games online. Able to build the room, change the players name at the game, such as send instant messages. The Update: Fixed some errors increase in observer mode home room to increase auto-update information short message optimization. Installation Method...

Online shopping system

Shop-Script PRO is an advanced PHP shopping cart software, which provides most demanded ecommerce facilities. Shop-Script PRO provides everything you need to establish a professionally looking and profitable online store....

Lianliankan online play, test, and can be very simple, direct for the next can b...

Lianliankan online play, test, and can be very simple, direct for the next can be a...

php浮动广告的代码 插件 详细见内容

php floating plug-in advertising code detailed see advertising content php code floating plug see detailed content...


<? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SELF; ?><? $PHP_SEL...

html table export

This class can be used to convert an HTML document or Web page using the ABCPDF or EasySW Web services.It can communicate with these services to tell to convert a given URL to PDF. It may also convert a local HTML file by serving it as a remote page passing it as an argument of the current script UR...


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