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Library Management System

PHP Library Management System for Kings Frontend PHP Backend MySQL Add,edit delete users borrow books accession return books...

The two-dimensional code signing system

The program into a pure voice, can the received signal output from each microphone. Can adjust the microphone array element number, and each microphone coordinate, the implementation is microphone in the room in a received speech signal...

Hotspot micro channel authentication source code

Application background< html> DOCTYPE;Key TechnologyUse your own authentication interface to make it perfect! Mikrotik router, hotsport authentication page, in fact you don't understand writing code, also can complete the effect you want, according to the individual circumstances of the downloa...

Online Leave Management System in Php project details

Online Leave Management System project is a web applic application which is implemented in Php platform. They are modification this project as per requirement's. Entity–relationship(er) diagrams,Data flow diagram(dfd),Sequence diagram and software requirements specification (SRS) of Online Le...

Campus small commodities trading system 1

Application backgroundCurriculum design of small commodities trading system to provide additional goods under the orders of the query and other functions  Administrator function:User information management: user information queryCommodity management: commodity information deletion order managem...

PHP simple tutorial of some of the source code

Application backgroundHe bought the book on some simple code on PHP + MySQL book example of source code inside, because the code is simple, suitable for novice to see, God should be completely disregarded. Hope to give a useful novice.Key TechnologyPHP basic syntax, PHP language structure, PHP array...


Application backgroundSYFrameworkThis framework is a long career of their own, some places like YiiThis project is based on License Apache 2 open sourceEnvironmental requirementsPHP 5.4 and above non security modelSome components need curl library, the number may be more, not one oneOther components...

Php proxy - Verification source proxy

Application backgroundThis section of code is the use of curl to achieve the function of the web agent, which is the curl class library built in the proxy function, not to do too much explanation, the need to remind is that the curl class libraries generally need to change their own php.ini to achie...


Application backgroundPHP multi-user mall source. Can create an empty multi-user mall, inside the function are complete, including the shop management, payment management, logistics management, product release, database using mysql, through testing to individuals, can use, fully open source, without...


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