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toko online

website toko online menggunakan bahasa php dan menggunakan mysql sebagai databasenya. toko online dapat mempermudah kita menjual barang hanya dengan mengaploud gambar dan deskripsi barangnya,kita juga dapat menggunakan bayaran melalui transfer antar bank untuk memper mudah pembyaran jarak jauh...

website inter

website sma intern ini layaknya website untuk orang dalam hanya untuk orang internal saja tidak mempunyai sistem login pada member karena hanya digunakan untuk orang dalam dan memiliki berita untuk info terbaru dan file2 yang dapat didownload untuk karyawan guru dan muris ataupun wali murid yang aka...


This application allows you to manage the staff of a company, you know all the employees, their date of arrival and the type of contract. they can delete, add, modify, thanks to an administration panel....

size chart in magaento

Add code in  view.phtml for magento version 1.7...

it s very good

my projet is about a rent a car where people can come and ask a car and he or she can be able to take it...

The app platform

Imitating app platform, implemented with PHP. Tencent is a public platform in the app based on the addition of functional modules, through this platform, both individuals and businesses, you can build an app, mass can be text, images, audio, video, picture and text messages into five categories. Exa...

php grid with export option

this is the code for php grid with all option like sorting,filtering,export to XL and editing.ApPHP DataGrid script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The ApPHP DataGrid is excellent for all PHP database-dri...

Time and Espense management

An open source "Time and Expense Management System", powered by Initechs, LLC.TEMS keeps track of times entries and expenses reports of employees and contractors by projects and accounts, automatically generates invoices with details. You can print weekly time cards and expense reports by...

student management system

THIS PROJECT IS OF student management system developed in php for managing the and try this.....

school management

It is also a full scale school management & administrative system supporting ... openSIS Multilingual version is now available as a FREE download! ... Integrated with WordPress Portal software and SugarCRM. ... and delivering high-quality onlineprofessiona...

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