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Bus Transportation management system

Goods Transport Management System is a web based application. This system helps to manage the Goods Transport business. It provides the functionality to enter shipment information, enter loading detail, enter unloading detail, and the delivery information. It stores the information of containers to...

Implementation apriori algorithm

size:14px;">is a simple application of the a priori algorithm here using two codes,, ie,, wearing a database and not to use it put all of isis folder to the localhost......

Book Management system

Book management system will help to keep tract of author, published date, rent and other so many things....

Pharmacy application

This application allows you to manage a pharmacy by managing all the available stock and know all the supplier and all customers who are registered. This application contains a panel of administration for the operations such as delete, add, modify, and a panel for the pharmacist....

Student Attendance System

indent:-.25in;"> 1.       improved learner attendance; 2.      a reduction in referrals due to poor behaviour; 3.      a reduction in referrals to learning support; and 4.    &...

e-commerce source code

size:14px;">Ecommerce website with good framework to redesign. Languages used: PHP, java script...

job portal website

免费下载的学术和生活的项目,在 Asp.Net Visual Basic 6、 VB.NET、 C#、 安卓、 Php、 Java、 SQL 服务器源代码中的最后一年大学学生,项目提交的 BE,BCA,MCA、 MBA、 MTech、 MS,平衡计分卡,它与完整的提要,工艺流程图,可拆卸性设...

php network weathermap PEAR RRDTOOL

size:16px;">安装指南如何安装Weathermap取决于你打算如何使用它:    作为一个独立的命令行工具,与基于web的编辑安全Weathermap具有多种功能,有可能给用户带来更多的机会比你打算。本节介绍的风险,并减轻他们的可能途...

MZ document management system DOC.

family:Simsun;font-size:14px;line-height:24px;background-color:#FFFFFF;">Doc.MZ文档管理系统是基于Markdown的多用户文档管理系统,运行环境:PHP5.3+, MySQL5.0;方便小团体内部使用。 Key Technology系统特性: 基于开源的,人性化的编辑方式。...


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