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Bus Online Booking

size:14px;">这是在 php 的完整规范公交车预订项目。它允许您预订汽车票在线,还打印票在线。如果你想你可以在这里预订超过 1 个席位。希望它能对你有帮助。...

Users admin

space:normal;font-size:14px;">本系统是为开发商管理用户使用语言 php,mysql,javascript。 系统可以注册一个新用户,删除,修改,恢复的密码。...

Application Warehouse

This Application for warehouse system, this system have feature to record and save our project in database.This application is very simple and friendly to use....

borrow key

adafdadadadadadadgbvdfgbhdfhbarejajsdfhsdsdfggfhsdfhsfdhsdhsahfhfdhhsdkdbjdjdbujhjsdjkfsdkjfhsjkfhsjfhasfhsahf ghdg dghdsfjghjfdg hdghtyjsdhjfhdfhfgjhdjhgjm,dfjkdfjkjkgfjkgfgffdjkdfjkdfjkdfjkjkjkfgjhfgcjkcvjkcvjkcvdfidfiudfigyfoidfisdjsdajdfhjtfgrjhfgjgfjkbvjkvbhjkfgvbjkjkjkfgjkfgjkjkfgjidzbhdfjbhdf...

Donation System

this is good for online services.  you can show more details on how you are going to donate. it can help a lot of people in the world of internet....


This application allows you to manage the staff of a company, you know all the employees, their date of arrival and the type of contract. they can delete, add, modify, thanks to an administration panel....

size chart in magaento

Add code in  view.phtml for magento version 1.7...

it s very good

my projet is about a rent a car where people can come and ask a car and he or she can be able to take it...

E-voting for general election of student's leader

This project enable students to vote the leader of school organization. It can easily be operated with sql connection...


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