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The simulation for handover between Wimax and Wifi access networks using NS2 simulator.

NS2 Simulation for Performanceevaluation of TCP and UDP using WiMax access network technologyIn this simulation a simplesimulation scenario is considered in which a single mobile WiMax node moves between coverage area of two WiMax basestations while maintain connection witha common corresponding nod...


olsr routing protocol  behavior for Ad hoc networks with multiple traffic types that implemented in ns2 network simulator....

IEEE802.15.4 demos by Dr. Zheng

There are five demos for ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 given by Dr. Zheng whose group developed the "wpan" part in NS2....

implementation of Dynamic Source Routing Protocol using NS2

organizing and self-configuring, without the need for any existing network infrastructure or administration.DSR has been implemented by numerous groups, and deployed on several testbeds. Networks using the DSR protocol have been connected to the Internet. DSR can interoperate with Mobile IP, and nod...

NSG2.1 tcl generator

family:georgia,serif;"> NS2 剧本产生器 2(NSG2) 是一个基于 JAVA 的 ns2 剧本产生器。由于 NSG2 由 JAVA 语言写的你可以在任何平台上运行剧本产生器。NSG2 是能够产生 ns2 有线和无线的 TCL 脚本。下面列出了 NSG2 的一些主要功能: 1.创...

802 ns2 tcl file

size:14px;">,发件人等待随机期的时间,并尝试再次无条件传输 (即与概率 = 1)。1 持续 CSMA 使用 CSMA/CD 系统包括以太网. 非持久性 非持久性 CSMA 是一种非侵略性的传输算法。准备好发送数据 (站) 发件人时,...

3 code for routing aodv & DSDV &DSR

output target-output" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px; line-height: 22px; font-size: 14px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: arial;">这3的代码写的敌人模拟3协议的网络包括:AODV,DSR路由协议这个代码写在形式语言TCL和完整的运行。NS 2写这个代...

AODV PROTOCOL implementation and awk file to extract data fron .tr

This project creates whole implementation of AODV in NS2 version 2.35 .however it can be written and simulated in ubuntu installed ns2 . So as ns creates new format of .tr trace file we need awk screept to extract data from this file to plot xgraphs. .awk file will extract throughput , end to end de...

Tcl Code of Routing protocols

you can use this codes to evaluate the performances of routing protocols in ad hoc networks. with different code of metrics (CRN, PDR , Débit ...) Best Regards...

OLSR tcl file

OLSR Optimized Link State Routing protocol is a proactive protocol. It is a advanced version of Link State Routing. the key concept MPR (Multi Point Relay) is used in OLSR. In OLSR, only nodes, selected as MPRs, are responsible for forwarding control traffic. This reduces the no of tr...

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