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Tk written with a calculator specifically used to calculate overtime hours per w...

Tk written with a calculator specifically used to calculate overtime hours per week overtime tribe...

wireless sensor networks

DescriptionNodes are configured with specific parameters of a mobile wireless node.After creating the nam file and trace file, we set up topography object. set node_ ($i) [$ns node] is used to create the nodes. Initial location of the nodes is fixed. Specific X, Y coordinates are...

Cooperative network

In this code is used to know the Packet classification of the sending packets...In the trie based routing is formed detween the each and every node............

Enhance Approach for Message Authentication and source Privacy Preserving in Wireless Network

INTRODUCTIONMessage Authentication is one of the most effective ways to thwart unauthorized and corrupted messages from being forwarded in wireless networks. For this reason, many message authentication schemes havebeen developed, based on either symmetric-key cryptosystems orpublic-key crypto syste...

compressive sensing in manet

In mobile ad hoc network , the data are compressed (minimize data packet size) sensing and minimize data packet while link failure and recover the link failure using ARS algorithm. ARS is autonomous reconfiguration system. this algorithm detect failure node and reconfigure itself. so we improve ener...


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